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  • Fibre Laser LCG30015AJ + ASFEU Amada with automatic loading and unloading system. Laser power 4 KW; Bottom bed: 3000x1500 mm
  • Fibre Laser LCGAJ Amada with automatic loading and unloading system Laser power 2 KW; Bottom bed: 3000x1500 mm
  • Laser L 3030 S Trumpf-H Laser power 3,200 KW; Bottom bed: 3000x1500 mm
  • Punching machine TC 5000 R Trumpf-H Bottom bed: 1250x2500 mm


  • Mechanical press 500 Ton OMET with transfert Double mast modular structure supplied by link drive, electronic Norda transfert with shear, automatic sheet feeding system: Bottom bed 3200x1500 mm
  • Press 400 Ton OMET Supplied Press 4000 Kn; Bottom bed: 2800x1500 mm
  • Press 400 Ton IMV GALLI Supplied mechanical press 4000 Kn; Bottom bed: 1600x1300 mm
  • Press 250 Ton OMET Supplied mechanical press 2500 Kn; Bottom bed: 2000x900 mm
  • Press 315 Ton Mueller Manual hydraulic press 3150 Kn; Bottom bed: 1860x1200 mm with lower cushion
  • Press 105 Ton ROHS Supplied Mechanical press 1000 Kn; Bottom bed: 980x620 mm


  • Assembly Work units and assembly (riveting, inserting)
  • Pointing Manual spot welders from 15 to 30 kw with point control
  • Welding: welders TIG – MIG
    Robotic TIG - MIG and MAG Roboteco-Panasonic welding island
  • Grinding and glazing: grinding, glazing and polishing permanent workstations


  • Panel bender Ras 79.22 Multibend Center Automatic bending machine with automatic loading. The robotized control of the bending blades allows excellent repeatability even on large-sized parts, higher productivity, increased precision, accuracy and flexibility on the production amount. Max length: 2,160 mt
  • Bending machine TRUMPF-H V85S 6 axes. Process length: 2,5 mt
  • Bending machine SCHIAVI HFB 3-125 5 axes. Process length: 3 mt
  • Bending machine SALVAGNINI B3 7 axes. Process length: 3 mt
  • Bending machines SCHIAVI RG Various bending machines from 1,25 to 3 mt
  • Hydraulic bending machine AMADA HFE M2 50/12 7 axes
  • Bending machine AMADA HG 100.3 ATC Automatic mold change. Working length: 3 meters per 100 tons

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