New productions and efficiency of manufacturing cycle

The investments made as part of the project, allowed the company to achieve set goals, which included production expansion and its diversification through the introduction in the manufacturing cycle of technologically advanced and specialized machinery for the production of new requested products, that weren’t part of the company range and couldn’t be manufactured with the current equipment; the introduction of new productive procedures, that guarantee full control over the new productive processes implemented and did rise up the level of efficiency of the new operating cycle. This project has been made possible thanks to the help of Regione Marche via the contract notice ASSE 3 – POR FESR – AZIONE 7.1 “SOSTEGNO ALLO START UP, ALLO SVILUPPO E ALLA CONTINUITA’ D’IMPRESA NELLE AREE DI CRISI PRODUTTIVA”: it has been possible to implement the investment program, allowing the company to strengthen relationships with big companies.