Green Healthy and Easy to clean Coffee-machine

Thanks to the new research project made possible by the long-lasting cooperation with our client, we’ve been able to develop an innovative Coffee-machine created with stainless steel components treated with nanotechnologies, through a very delicate and peculiar process and manufacture of steel. The study did validate the research by reporting that the final smoothing of new materials with water and sponge treated with nanotechnology under the influence of the most aggressive organic substances, is equivalent to the one achieved with degreasants and chemical cleaners on traditional materials, in compliance with all the alimentary and environmental sustainability and health requirements. This project has been made possible also thanks to Regione Marche via POR MARCHE FESR 2014 -2020 – Asse 1 – Os 1 – azione 1.1 – Contract notice “Promozione della ricerca e dello sviluppo negli ambiti della specializzazione intelligente”.