Bending department: advanced technologies

In order to cope with the radical changes in the market while remaining competitive, S.T.A.F. S.p.A. has chosen to focus on the constant renewal of machinery and technologies. This is the context for the investment consisting of the introduction of the latest generation 7-axis hydraulic bending machine AMADA HG 100.3 ATC within the production cycle and the development of innovations in the production layout, innovating the bending department.


This important investment will allow the company to diversify and expand its range of products in the direction required by the market, creating products of ever smaller dimensions, ever higher quality and remarkable aesthetic properties with an optimization of the bending process.


The new hydraulic bending machine is equipped with an energy saving system that controls the pump motor bringing it to work only in case of need and always with the relative optimal number of revolutions, adapting to every production situation, with an energy saving of up to 20 % compared to traditional pumps. This project has been made possible also thanks to Regione Marche, via POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – ASSE 3 – AZIONE 7.1 – Intervento – “Progetto complesso di Investimento Territoriale Integrato (ITI) strategico a sostegno all’Area di crisi del Fabrianese”.